How Does It Work?

GenericBid is easy to use and is a win-win for all! It gives pharmacists the purchasing power by choosing your bid, your price.

  1. If you are already an Auburn Pharmaceutical customer, click here to login. All you have to do is validate your account via email and you can bid on your first auction. If you have not registered for Auburn Pharmaceutical, click here to register and one of our Account Managers will walk you through the process. Once you are registered, you will have to login to validate your email address.

  2. Check your inbox for a “Welcome to GenericBid” email, click the validation link, login and view all of the available auctions!

  3. To participate in an auction, find an item you want and click “Bid”.

  4. On the auction detail page you will likely see an image of the item if one is available. You will also see the description of the auction item as well as requirements of that auction including minimum price and increments. You also can request larger quantities if they are available by clicking the “Request Larger Quantities” button. You can also view the auction participants at the bottom of the page. There are options to view, a “Summary View” or a “Detailed View” which shows each item in an easy to follow format.

  5. Don’t limit yourself to one auction. You may participate in as a many auctions as you would like.

  6. To view the status of your auction, click Your Account and you can see the status in the “Auction Activity” tab. You can always review your results of an ended auction or reprint the confirmation of an auction you have won by clicking “Auction History”.

  7. You can view your account information by clicking “Account Preferences”. Please make sure your email notification settings are to your liking. These settings are the key to knowing what is happening during the lifetime of any auction you are participating in.

  8. After your auction ends, you will be notified via email if you won. You can confirm your winnings or chose to let the system confirm it for you. When you confirm your winnings, you can select from a variety shipping methods and optionally enter credit card payment details.

That's it, Happy Bidding!

The GenericBid Team