Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Generic Bid?

    Generic Bid is an online auction site where pharmacies, distributors, hospitals, and governmental entities can bid on manufacturer closeouts, short-dated, and overstock products. Generic Bid is a division of Auburn Pharmaceutical, a NABP-Accredited generic distributor that has been in business for 27 years.

  2. Who can bid at Generic Bid?

    If you are a DEA-licensed pharmacy, distribution center, hospital, or governmental entity in the Continental U.S. you are eligible to register with Generic Bid. *We do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii.

  3. Is Generic Bid legal?

    Yes, Generic Bid is owned and operated by Auburn Pharmaceutical. All products featured on Generic Bid are purchased directly from the manufacturer and are stored in a NABP-Accredited facility. In short, Generic Bid provides an alternative purchasing platform, with the same quality and regulatory standards set in place by Auburn.

  4. Are Controlled Substances available on Generic Bid?

    No. No. Generic Bid will only feature Rx and OTC products in our auctions. If you are interested in ordering CII-CV products, you may register and begin the application process through

  5. IF I am already an Auburn Pharmaceutical customer, do I need to register for Generic Bid as well?

    Auburn Pharmaceutical and Generic Bid use the same login information, you can simply log in to with your current Auburn Pharmaceutical username and password. In other words, if you have an account with you are already registered. If you don’t have an active account with Auburn, you can register by visiting to set up your account.

  6. Where do these products come from?

    Everything that Generic Bid sells comes directly from the manufacturer and is stored in our NABP-Accredited warehouse; none of our products are purchased through the secondary market.

  7. Who will ship the products that I have won?

    Everything that you win will be invoiced and shipped from Auburn Pharmaceutical’s NABP-Accredited facility in Troy, Michigan.

  8. If I am a current Auburn customer, do I earn Online Rewards from Generic Bid purchases?

    Yes, you will accumulate Auburn Online Rewards Points on all of your Generic Bid purchases. If you are not a current Auburn Customer, you will still earn Rewards Points, which you can choose to redeem by ordering through

  9. Can I change my bid during the auction?

    Yes, you can raise your bid up until the close of the auction.

  10. Can I increase my desired quantity during the auction?

    Yes, you can increase your quantity at any time during the auction. However, once you submit your bid, you cannot decrease your quantity unless you are eliminated from the running (i.e. you must be 100% outbid). Once you are eliminated from an auction, you can bid again and choose a new quantity and bid amount.

  11. What if I want a larger quantity than what is being offerted in the auction?

    In some cases, we may have more inventory than the posted quantity in the auction. If you see a product with the following message posted, “Request Larger Quantities”, you can simply click the link to request a price quote on bulk items. After you request a quote, an Auburn Account Manager will contact you within one business day to discuss product availability.

  12. Can I cancel my bid?

    You are unable to cancel your bid once you submit it. All bids are final.

  13. Can I return and item won through Generic Bid?

    No, there are no returns on Generic Bid items.

  14. How do I set up my email notification preferences?

    You can change your Email Notification Preferences in the Account Preferences screen. You can choose several email delivery options to keep you updated on auctions you are actively bidding on. By default, all options are selected. In addition to changing your email options, please make sure you add to your safe sender's list.

  15. How do payments work?

    If you have a current account with, your payment options will be the same. You can choose to pay with a credit card or select “Bill My Account”. If you are a new customer, you have to open a line of credit and have a good credit standing in order to use the “Bill My Account” option. As stated above, you can always pay with a credit card on the Order Confirmation screen. If at any time you need to update or change your payment options, please contact Customer Service at 800-222-5609.

  16. Are there any fees associated with winning an auction?

    There is a 2% Buyer’s Premium on all orders. As many items are sold below the market price, the Buyer’s Premium helps cover the cost of overhead.

  17. How does shipping work?

    You are responsible for the cost of shipping. Generic Bid items will ship within two business days following the close of an auction. When you register with Generic Bid, you will automatically have Ground Shipping. Upon confirming your payment method, you can change your shipping preferences to One Day or Two Day shipping or keep your default option of Ground Shipping.

  18. If I win multiple auctions, will I have to pay separate shipping charges for each one?

    If you win multiple auctions, your order will be combined into a single shipping charge. The charge will be reflected in your account and will be applied once auctions are combined and released for shipping.

  19. Am I required to confirm my order once I win a bid?

    No, confirming your order is optional. If you do not confirm your order within one business day of the close of your winning auction, Generic Bid will auto-confirm your order and ship out Tuesday morning. Please note that when your order is auto-confirmed, your item(s) will be shipped Ground, and we will apply your default payment method.

    Generic Bid offers the option to “confirm your order” in case you want to change your payment or shipping preferences. Additionally, by confirming your order, your products will ship out the Monday following the close of the auction.

  20. When do auctions start and end?

    Auctions begin every Monday at 5pm EST and end every Friday at 5pm EST.

  21. How can I reach customer service if I need additional support?

    Please contact Customer Service at 800.222.5609 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST for support.

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