About Generic Bid

Generic Bid, a web-based generic pharmaceutical auction platform, is a division of Auburn Pharmaceutical. Auburn has dedicated over 27 years in our industry as a generics distributor, serving independent pharmacies, small-to-large chains, government agencies, clinics, hospitals, and long-term care providers. Auburn features a full line of generics and adheres to NABP and HDMA guidelines for distribution. All products are purchased direct from the manufacturer – supply chain security is at the forefront of Auburn’s priorities as leading secondary distributor.

Generic Bid will operate as a separate division within Auburn Pharmaceutical. However, Generic Bid customers will earn Rewards Points which can be redeemed through Auburn’s generic product line.

Generic Bid offers pharmacists a new way to purchase, adding a playful twist to the traditional generics ordering process. Generic Bid will appeal to customers who utilize inventory management as a tool for increased efficiency and profit-building. Generic Bid will feature overstock, short date, and close out items, which will vary by the week, depending on our customer trends and industry changes. You may find a deal on Generic Bid that you won’t find anywhere else.

Register with Generic Bid today to view this week’s auctions! And remember, Generic Bid is a Win-Win.